Providing water & more where needed the most.

At Soqya4Life we strongly believe in helping those who truly need help, especially when it comes to the basics. Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him said “The Best of people are the most beneficial to people.” We don’t only feel with suffering people, but we do the right thing and extend a helping hand.

The best charity is to provide drinking water

One of the greatest Sadaqah Jaryah or continuous charities out there is providing water and that’s where we got our name from “Soqya” which is to give drinking water. Millions of people lack access to clean water around the world and many travel hours a day in search of clean water.

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Prophet Mohamad Peace be upon him said: "The best among people are those who are most of benefit to people"

Soqya4Life's Mission is

Improving lives, one step at a time!

Simple and affordable to sponsor water projects

spreading cheers across the world

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10000 - Quran


6000 - Food

100 Wells

200 - hand pumps

100 - Wudu Stations

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